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Hashing Ad Space (King on Bitcoin Sites)earn 10$ DAILY

Hashing Ad Space (King on Bitcoin Sites)earn 10$ DAILY
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How to earn on Hashing Ad Space?

Earning in Hashing Ad Space can be briefly listed as below: 

Minting Ads: Anyone can join the platform and start watching the daily ads in exchange for Asimi tokens. These Asimi tokens can be transferred from the platform and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Lead Generation: The Hashing Ad Space platform offers multiple advertising products, the Ad Minter, Login In Ads and Banners. Each product designed to deliver the highest traffic to your site. For $20 worth of Asimi tokens, you can pick one option from this picture which is a lot more than the pay per click cost that Google offers.

 Referral Program: locate your affiliate link under Affiliate resources so that you can get a commission every time one of your referrals purchases an ad package. Commissions range from 10% to 50% depending on the product purchased.

 Staking: You can Log in and watch ads on a daily basis. You can Stake up to 10.000 Asimi in the platform and receive a percentage share of 872 Asimi distributed daily using this program.

Raffle: Watch a certain number of ads daily and qualify for Hashing Ad Space daily raffle with prices as high as 100 Asimi tokens.